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Leadership Development

Andy Stanley Author of  Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future boldly reminds us that “to ensure that we are leading with our feet firmly planted on the soil of what is, we must live by the seven commandments of current reality”

Thou shalt not pretend.
Though shalt not turn a blind eye.
Thou shalt not exaggerate.
Thou shalt not shoot the bearer of bad news.
Thou shalt not hide behind the numbers.
Thou shalt not ignore constructive criticism.
Thou shalt not isolate thyself.

At Frontline Employee Training Solutions, we believe that leaders should never turn a blind eye to what is going in within the organization.  We support leadership teams such as yours to face the truth despite the obstacles that may arise as best practice solutions are put in place to align with the mission, vision, and long-term strategic goals of the organization.  Let us support you in managing your training and development challenges.  We have the right solutions with the best outcomes when change initiatives are the hardest part of keep the team on board for success.

Developing Change Agents

Organizations are required now more than ever to development employees that are committed and driven to model the leadership change on a continual basis. The desire to model the vision, influence and inspire others to incorporate the company’s mission is highly dependent upon providing employees with effective high content training and development initiatives that highlight change leadership.

Developing Innovative Mascots

Organizational change agents embrace changes at all cost.  Mascot are the go to people within the company that are driven by success.  Daring and innovative , they are flexible with collaborating and communicating  the rapid pivots as they are occurring within the workplace. 

Developing Resilient Leaders

Resilience is the ability to meet high demand situations head on and recover from the adversity, setback, and trauma in order to continue thriving at full capacity. Effective leaders that demonstrate resilience, are able maximize their work performance while taken on a great deal of pressure. 

Developing Intuitive Executives

We support leaders in their slow down process and the process of accessing intuition by learning to trust themselves and their teams to make the best executive decisions. Instinct, intuition,  leadership forgiveness are necessary tools when used effectively and frequently , can enhance executive confidence  and support executives to engaged with less anxiety.

Developing Sustainable Solutions

Frontline Employee Training Solutions support leaders to develop best practice approaches through the implementation of purpose-based employee elevation training outcomes. of collective purpose and values-based leadership.  Our services are designed to inspire workplace productivity and support organizational growth.

Developing Visionary Warriors

The right training solution propels your leaders to go that extra mile to incorporate the mission, vision, and core purpose of your organization into their daily work performance.  At Frontline Employee Training Solutions, we support your team members to embrace their inner warrior by using their voice a tool to create additional streams of success. The best ideas come for leaders that are allowed to share and expand upon the organization’s road map.

Grow Your Frontline Vision

Customized solutions to support your frontline employees to embrace upward mobility and the benefits of leadership development

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